Introduce Your Kids To A Whole New World – Through Foreign Languages!

08 Dec Introduce Your Kids To A Whole New World – Through Foreign Languages!

It has been said that a child’s mind is like a sponge. They absorb everything so readily when they are young! That is why it is essential to introduce them to a wide range of different experiences! Learning a foreign language is one such experience that can lead to a lifetime of fun!

Most of us remember taking a foreign language class during our middle or high school years. Many of us claim that it was very difficult to master and retain the new words and concepts being taught in these classes. Furthermore, can most of us say that now, in our adulthood, we remember anything beyond the one or two very basic vocabulary words that we knew (or tried to know) in school?

Here is the exciting news! It doesn’t have to be this hard for your children! Mango Languages , through the library’s website, is an easy way to assist you on the journey of language discovery with your young child. In their early years, children find it so much easier to retain new words. Need some evidence? Think about how quickly your child learns new words in your native language as they grow. Consider all the times your child points to something and asks, “What’s that?”. Children are naturally curious! They want to understand the world around them.

As another tool in teaching your child a new language, think about using our Tumblebooks Language Learners  which will read the story to your child in the designated language. By hearing the words out loud, your child naturally learns the new words quicker.

Having an understanding of a foreign language can help children become more self-confident and competent in today’s world. We are becoming increasingly interconnected with other countries and children who have well-developed communication skills can be more successful in finding a job when they are older.

Make learning a new language an adventure! This can be a wonderful opportunity to learn together as a family! It can be an excellent bonding experience and you will treasure the memories that you make together forever.