LPCPL Maker Lab

LPCPL Maker Labs gives people an opportunity of all ages to get together and informally learn STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) related technologies through hands on experience, by sharing tools, knowledge and local expertise.

What Is The LPCPL Maker Lab?

A dedicated space at the Main Library provides weekly opportunities to use equipment, collaborate, and learn new skills. Come visit our dedicated LPCPL Labs space at the Main Library to experiment with technologies and see what else we have to offer.

Where can you find the LPCPL Maker Labs?

The LPCPL Maker Labs is downstairs at the Main Library. Mobile LPCPL Labs brings technology education to our branch locations (check out our calendar of events), schools, and community events. Coming this year will also be the Mobile Classroom.

When can you use the LPCPL Maker Labs?

Official Makers can also use the Lab during most library open hours. LPCPL Labs closes 30 minutes before the Main Library. To confirm availability, you may call ahead of time to ask about space and equipment.

3D Printing

Design and create 3-dimensional objects with our 3D printing technology. Download and print (or modify then print) models from Thingiverse or create your own design with user-friendly CAD software such as Tinkercad. Printing time depends on model size and printer settings. Cost is the total $.25 + $.05 per gram as calculated by printing software.

Some of our technology includes:

  • Printrbot Simple Metal 3D Printer
  • Rostock MAX V3.2 3D Printer

DIY Creativity Tools

Express your creativity using tools in the lab. Use makerspace laptops to design projects on Cricut Design Space, then bring your ideas to life with Cricut cutting machine and other tools. We provide the machines and software, you bring the materials you wish to use (i.e., paper, cardstock, adhesive or heat press vinyl, beads, wire, metal). Laminating pouches (8.5” x 11”) available for $.25 each or bring your own.

  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Explore Air
  • Heat Press
  • Laminator
  • Jewelry Making tool kits

Robotics and Coding

Take your STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) skills to the next level by exploring our robots and tools for learning coding. Get started by learning to control robots with iPad minis, then experiment with block coding to design your own programs. You can jump start your coding skills online at code.org, Scratch, or MakeCode.

  • Dash
  • Sphero
  • Lego Mindstorms
  • Micro:bits
  • littleBits Code Kit
  • Arduino UNO
  • Pi-Top Inventor Kit

Who can use the Lab?

You must be 13 or older with a library account or valid picture ID to independently use the equipment in LPCPL Maker Labs without staff present. Children under the age of 13 can use the equipment if they are accompanied by an adult.

To use the lab independently, take the LPCPL Labs Official Maker course and pass a quiz. The first time Makers use LPCPL Labs, they will meet with a staff person, review the LPCPL Maker Labs Policy, and sign a waiver. Minors must have a parent or legal guardian present the first time they visit to sign their waiver.

Become a Certified Maker

Become an Official Maker

This course is for Makers who would like to create and make projects in the LPCPL Maker Labs.

3D Printing and Safety Certification

3D Printing is an exciting and challenging technology! This class will introduce you to 3D printing at the Library and how to safely use the printers. Once you are certified, you can use Thingiverse for ideas or Tinkercad to make your own creations.

Cricut Use and Safety Course

Do you enjoy crafting or making unique gifts? The Cricut is an ideal technology you can use to take your projects to a whole new level. Take this course and prepare to use the Cricut cutter in LPCPL Maker Labs.

Heat Press and Safety Course

If you are interested in applying your own design on T-shirts, mugs, plates, or on an assortment of other items, then the heat press is for you. It’s customizable as well as fun, especially when combined with the Cricut cut out machine. This tutorial will introduce you to the heat press machine at the Library, learning about its features, and how to safely use it.

Soldering Use and Safety Course

If you are interested in electronics and circuits, then soldering is a skill to add to your skillset. It’s fun and relatively easy to learn the basics. This class will introduce you to soldering at the Library. You will learn about the Library’s soldering kits and how to use them safely.

Request an appointment here to sign your waiver or schedule a guided practice session.

LPCPL Maker Policy

You must be 13 or older with a library account or valid picture ID to independently use the equipment in LPCPL Maker Labs without staff present. Children under the age of 13 can use the equipment if they are accompanied by an adult.

Other STEAM Resources Available for checkout

The library offers a number of both adult and children’s books to learn more about STEAM and try different related projects. STEAM Kits are also available for kids and families to check out. They include different resources around certain subject matters.

LPCPL Maker Labs and Equipment Supporters

You can join the innovation at the LPCPL Maker Labs by becoming a volunteer. 

LPCPL Maker Labs and Equipment Supporters

LPCPL Maker Labs is funded by grants, the Friends of the Library, gift funds, and corporate sponsors. If you are interested in supporting LPCPL Maker Labs, please contact us at 219-362-6156 or donate directly. Thank you to all of our supporters!

La Porte County Public Library
Phone: (219) 362-6156
Email: help@laportelibrary.org

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