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Curriculum Kits

Educators and parents borrow curriculum kits for a six week loan period so that students can use the materials as part of a unit of study. Each kit contains up to 30 books, audio, and videos based on popular study topics. Kits are geared for either primary, intermediate, or secondary grades. 

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Classroom Visits

Our librarian educators are available for classroom visits from September  through May. Please request all classes at least three weeks in advance. A classroom teacher must be present for classroom management. To maintain the best learning environment, classes are intended for a single classroom group unless otherwise requested. Be sure to let know us if classes need to be adapted for any special needs, i.e. hearing impaired or special education classes. You can schedule up to four visits per school year. To schedule a classroom visit, please fill out the form below.

Library Field Trip

Schedule a field trip with your classroom to any of LPCPL’s library locations for tours or research projects. We can’t wait for your class to visit!

Classroom Visits

LPCPL educators will visit your class and read a variety of fiction and non-fiction titles that support Indiana State Standards in reading foundations, literature, and vocabulary. Teachers can even request a theme.

Bee-Bot, Bee-Bot What Do You See?

Students program Bee-bot using simple navigational terms to find places on a map.

Think Like an Engineer

Working in teams, students will build and code a Lego WeDo 2.0 using the Lego Engineering Design Process.

Treasure Map

Students work in small groups using compasses, maps, and keys to identify features and cardinal directions using Bee-Bot robots.

Moon Pattern Mini-Lab

Students conduct a moon phases investigation using light and a model to represent the Earth, Moon, and Sun.

Life Cycles

Discover how living things change as they grow by investigating the life cycles of butterflies and frog.

Bee-Bot Cardinal Directions

Use cardinal directions to navigate Bee-Bot from one location to another on a grid.

Ozobot Bit

Ozobots are miniature smart robots that can follow lines or roam around freely, detect colors, and can also be programmed. Elementary school students can start programming Ozobots with visual color codes on a tablet using free apps or with markers on a piece of paper.

LittleBits: Synth Kit

Build a synthesizer and experiment with manipulating sound waves. LittleBits are pieces that connect magnetically to teach students about pitch, amplitude, and timbre.

Squishy Circuits

Learn about electricity and how to build basic circuits with dough and LED lights. See how energy can be transformed into light and sound.

Science Behind Superheroes

How does Superman fly? Why can Magneto control metal? Investigate the science behind your favorite heroes and villains.


Native Americans Of Indiana

Learn about the culture of the Northeast Woodland Indians through Native American stories, songs, games, and artifacts.

Bitsbox Coding

Students learn to program with Javascript by creating fun apps on a virtual tablet. For further skill-building, teachers can check out one of 3 Bitsbox Curriculum Kits to use in the classroom for up to 6 weeks.

Poetry Mini-Workshop

Listen to poetry and identify the basic elements of a good poem. Students will be able to write their own poems using creative brainstorming techniques.

Library Field Trip

Schedule a field trip with your classroom to any of LPCPL’s library locations for tours or research projects. We can’t wait for your class to visit!

Library Field Trip

Schedule a field trip with your classroom to any of LPCPL’s library locations for tours or research projects. We can’t wait for your class to visit!


Students become familiar with a variety of fiction and nonfiction books. Educators booktalk 4-6 books at differing reading levels. These can be tailored for current class topics. 

Mobile Classroom

Coming in the 2020-2021 school year, the La Porte County Public Library is adding a mobile classroom! In the first year of service, the mobile lab lessons and experiences will target students in grades 7-8. Click here for more information. 

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