Holding Space: A National Conversation Series with Libraries

Posted on August 16, 2020

by Susan Bannwart

“Holding Space: A national conversation series with libraries” is the American Library Association’s nationwide virtual tour to highlight the innovation and impact of a diverse range of libraries and engage stakeholders to advocate for libraries and the communities they serve.

A part of ALA President Julius C. Jefferson, Jr.’s broader work to build relationships and strengthen connections, Holding Space will feature town halls, round table discussions, and interviews with library leaders, state and local partners, and elected officials covering topics ranging from HBCUs and academic libraries to school, tribal, and public libraries—all while amplifying the concerns of each community along the route.

You can visit more than a dozen libraries and the communities they serve over the course of ten days with Julius Jefferson. The tour kicks off on July 27, 2020, from the Library of Congress and winds its way across the country to Oakland, CA, on August 7, 2020.  Each stop of the tour will be broadcast via Zoom and available on YouTube after the conclusion of the tour so members can join in the conversation. Register for tour events and read letters from the road by clicking the button below and sign up to receive updates about the tour.

Register for tour events and read letters from the road
Susan Bannwart

Susan Bannwart

Susan is the Community Engagement Manager. She along with the “dream team” of community engagement librarians develop programming, school partnerships, community collaborations, and STEAM initiatives of LPCPL. She and her husband, are lifelong residents of La Porte County, parents of three, and proud Purdue Alumni. Susan loves learning and spends as much free time as she can outdoors riding horses, gardening, or just enjoying nature.
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