Have You Hit A Brick Wall?

18 Jul Have You Hit A Brick Wall?

I finally found something in an official document indicating that my great grandmother Lina Johnson, who according to family lore was traded for a horse when she was a baby, was associated with the family she was said to live with. Under our Genealogy Services, the recently Added/Updated Collections in our Ancestry Library Edition database, I found Iowa, Marriage Records, 1880-1937. I looked up her name and found that the name listed under “by whom affidavit is made” was J. Poffanburger. Then I found a J. Poffenberger in the 1900 census for the same county. But that’s it, so far. One of the problems is that each of the four syllables in this last name can be spelled so many different ways. Poff/Puff/Pauff; en/in/an, berg(h)/burg(h)/ barg(h), and er/ar/ir/ur. And there even more variations. So if you run into a brick wall like this, keep on searching. It’s even more rewarding when you do find something.