Great Backyard Bird Count

09 Feb Great Backyard Bird Count

The birds are arriving! In the last week of January, a flock of twenty-some robins spent a morning grabbing worms and overwintered apples from the soaked ground underneath my backyard apple trees. Later in the day a larger flock of starlings settled in for a brief time.

I was amazed to see these returning migrants so very early in the year. I am not an dyed-in-the-wool (or should I say feather?) bird watcher, but I sometimes take a bird field guide when I go on a trip…just in case.

Whether you are a regular bird-watcher or an occasional bird-wonderer, you can participate in The Great Backyard Bird Count that takes place Feb 12-15. Union Mills Branch will hold a 10:00 am bird walk Saturday, Feb 13. We will look for hardy resident birds, newly arrived migrants, and visiting birds passing through. All birds the group sights will be added to the online count at Great Backyard Bird Count. Some binoculars and field guides will be provided, but bring your own if you can.

If you can’t make it to the bird walk, you can still participate in recording bird sightings. Anyone, anywhere can register on EBird (on the Great Backyard Bird Count website). Once registered, you can mark your online birding for the GBBC event, and record bird sightings anytime during the year. Information about your sightings will be added to the EBird database used for scientific studies. You can keep a list of your personal birding records on EBird, too.

Spend some time at Union Mills Branch before the 10:00 o’clock bird walk on the 13th to make a quick Valentine food gift for your backyard birds and color a sheet for the bird coloring contest. Contest prizes will be awarded after the bird walk.

Come meet the birds!