Garden Resources

Posted on April 5, 2021

by Greg Coulter

Half sun? Zone 6? What? If planning your garden and ordering seeds from catalogs is getting you down, the La Porte County Public Library is here to help. 


This year, the Library is hosting a series featuring Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp, The Hoosier Gardener. In her first of four presentations, Jo Ellen helped explain how to decipher the code of garden catalogs. She shared a number of easy to read online resources, and we’d like to curate those for you your ease of access. 



If you missed this presentation, you still have time to register for upcoming presentations. On April 19, Jo Ellen will present “Annuals: A Lot of Color for the Coin,” and illuminate the thrilling lives of these single season flowers. “Edible Landscape” on June 21 introduces attendees to the savory, tasty plants we can add to our landscape for both food and beauty. Finally, Jo Ellen will present on the plants that provide food and shelter to the bugs and birds that live in our gardens at “Where the Wild Things Are” on August 16. Register to join these online presentations. 

Greg Coulter

Greg Coulter

Greg is Community Engagement Librarian, a seventh-generation Hoosier, a historian, former poutine cook, and a celebrated vampire hunter (have you seen any vampires around here? No! You’re welcome). They enjoy reading graphic novels, cooking, and traveling.
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