Exchange Update

Posted on February 15, 2021

by Jennifer Bissonnette

If you’ve recently driven or walked past the Exchange building at 807 Indiana Avenue in La Porte, you have probably noticed a flurry of activity going on. With vehicles and people moving about, you can finally see the building taking shape and receiving the restoration it deserves! Below is a roundup of some of the more exciting changes that have taken place in the past few months. Check it out!


  1. New windows: Before construction began, the arched windows on the south side of the building were bricked in. Most of those windows have been opened back up to restore some of the building’s history and charm. When the Exchange opens, these windows will not only offer a wonderful view, but provide natural light for the Makerspace.
  2. Main Entrance: The main doorway was recently framed, and while it doesn’t look like much yet, it’s an exciting development. In an effort to retain the history of the building, the arched “Telephone” keystone will remain intact. We hope this small piece of history encourages community members to learn more about the building’s story!
  3. Elevator: Crews have been working hard to complete construction of the elevator shaft that will allow people to easily access the public sections of the building.
  4. Structure: New walls have already been added, new electrical run, and duct work installed. Crews are hard at work preparing the space for your new meeting rooms, recording studios, and skills building areas!
  5. Equipment: The Exchange is meant to be a place for creation, learning, and skill building. To do that, new equipment was ordered and staff are completing training to ensure they are ready to teach you! Want to get a headstart on learning some new skills? Check out information on the LPCPL Maker Labs to get started!


We are excited to see the building continue to take shape and hope you are too! Follow us at our website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see the most recent updates!

Jennifer Bissonnette

Jennifer Bissonnette

Jennifer enjoys reading, writing to-do lists, and giving both of her dogs belly rubs. She has a weak spot for tasty sweets and is on a mission to find Northwest Indiana’s best cinnamon roll. She often over analyzes things but tries to use that to her advantage in her work at the library.
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