Everyday Mysteries

Posted on April 14, 2020

by Pam Okosun

Have you ever wondered why onions make you cry? Or how about how a stone skips across water? Well, here’s a great way for kids and adults to explore these and other fun science facts from the Library of Congress “Everyday Mysteries” website.


Start a new daily routine: Select a mystery each day and learn about the science behind everyday phenomena. Get answers to some of life’s most interesting questions! You can even ask a question of your own.

So, I just had to know! Why does pepper make me sneeze? Turns out the chemical piperine, an irritant, gets into my nose! And check this out: Sneezing is called sternutation. Who knew?

What will you discover?

Pam Okosun

Pam Okosun

Pam is a Community Engagement Librarian. She teaches library classes, plans programs, helps customers learn new technologies, and loves to discover what people are curious about. Outside the library, you might find her crocheting, playing the piano, or flying with her pilot husband.
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