Enhanced Searching for Test & Education Reference Center Resources

16 Feb Enhanced Searching for Test & Education Reference Center Resources

Gale has announced several new features and enhancements currently available within its Testing and Education Reference Center (TERC). For example, a new study plan feature lets users input actual test dates and then provides a custom dashboard to help them track progress toward their goals. Users also now have the ability to retake practice tests.

Additionally, the La Porte County Public Library has added records to the catalog which contain links to subject pages within TERC, such as ACT, SAT, LSAT and Medical/Nursing. These descriptive records improve the discoverability of content by making the tests and eBooks searchable within a library’s catalog.  Customers can search on the keyword ‘TERC’ to find these titles, and when clicking on a record link, they will be taken directly to the corresponding hub page so that they can easily find the appropriate test, as well as any related exams or eBooks.

Alternately, customers can access TERC resources free of charge via INSPIRE by clicking on the tile titled Test and Résumé Preparation.

~Submitted by: Michael Sheehan