English Crime Dramas – I Love ‘Em

20 Nov English Crime Dramas – I Love ‘Em

Hinterland, Broadchurch, Luther, White Chapel, etc, etc. I love British based detective shows. Detective Superintenadmin-ajax-1dents with complicated back stories who may or may not bend the rules to ensure justice is served are appealing. The scenery is unique, the actors’ accents, the crimes just seem more interesting.

While police procedurals can take place anywhere in the world, series set in the UK are especially popular with readers, perhaps because so many have been adapted for television.

This image features streamable Welsh drama Hinterland/Y Gwyll, one of my favorites paired with books that are recommended with similar plot lines, locations, or characters.

NoveList helps readers who burn their way through the pages of their most beloved series by offering read-a-likes and author or series recommendations. The easiest way to get a read-a-like recommendation is to look your book up in the online catalog. Scroll down and you will see the other books in the series, if it’s in a series, title and author read-a-likes. If you want t

o get more advanced, go to NoveList directly and search using search terms listed below. the link to the database is located on our Great Picks page.

In NoveList you can search for books by country:

GN Police Procedurals AND SD England
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GN Police Procedurals AND SD Wales

OR look for specific cities:

SD Manchester, England
SD Edinburgh, Scotland

Happy hunting!