Discovering the Hidden Gems of Indiana

29 Jan Discovering the Hidden Gems of Indiana

I was looking at apartments a few years ago and found one with its original 1875 hardwood floors. As I moved in, I thought about all of the people that had walked on those wood floors over the last century. The building originally hosted La Porte’s volunteer fire department with the upper floors housing city hall, the city jail and the marshall’s office. I wondered if my apartment might have been a jail? Imagining the characters that came and went made living there fun.  The building had many other purposes before it became an apartment building. It hosted a variety of businesses on the street level such as a department store, soda fountain, print shop, plumbing company, tavern and currently Louie’s Cafe. The phrase, “if these walls could talk,” is certainly appropriate for historic buildings.

On April 25th, the Library will be hosting Deb Parcell  of Indiana Landmarks who will share the history of some of the most interesting buildings in Northern Indiana through a program called , “Hidden Gems.” Often they are buildings that were constructed for a very different purpose than they have now.

You can learn more about the history of buildings here at the library. Many local residents enjoy using the maps and historical collections to research the history of their homes. Indiana Landmark’s “Hidden Gems” presentation occurs during Preservation Week (April 21–27). This week highlights the importance of libraries, archives, and regular folk in preserving material culture–such as books, memoirs, diaries, paintings, and photos. These artifacts tell us about the people and places that existed before us and allow us to learn about and tell their stories.

At the Library, you can:

Join us on April 25 at 6:00pm to learn more about some of the “Hidden Gems” of Northern Indiana.