Celebrate Your Creativity Every Day!

Posted on April 15, 2020

by Jennifer Bissonnette

World Creativity and Innovation Week is an international community dedicated to seizing the infinite creative potential that awaits us every day. Its purpose is to encourage people to use new ideas, make new decisions, and take new steps towards making the world, and your place in it, better through creativity.

WCIW begins on Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday, April 15th, as an homage to his revolutionary vision. Founded in 2001 by creativity expert and Canmore resident Marci Segal, the celebration has now flourished to people celebrating in over 50 countries every year – in their businesses, schools, associations, organizations, communities, and homes.

WCIW IS A DO-IT-YOURSELF CELEBRATION New initiatives or programs are often launched during World Creativity and Innovation Week – dedicate this time to explore your creativity. WCIW happens wherever you are: at home, work, school, or in your community. Here are some examples of how people have celebrated in the past:

  • A group of women in the UK holds a potluck every year with a dish they are making for the first time.
  • Civil servants in the Netherlands walk and talk outdoors about ways to bring creative thinking more into their everyday lives.
  • Organizations hold workshops, associations host conferences, and communities have conversations all centered around applying creativity and innovation to their worlds.

Visit www.wciw.org for examples and ideas. See what others have done and add your plans too! CELEBRATE YOUR CREATIVITY EVERY DAY

Additional resource:
Parents can explore activities to do with there children here.




Jennifer Bissonnette

Jennifer Bissonnette

Jennifer enjoys reading, writing to-do lists, and giving both of her dogs belly rubs. She has a weak spot for tasty sweets and is on a mission to find Northwest Indiana’s best cinnamon roll. She often over analyzes things but tries to use that to her advantage in her work at the library.
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