Crayola Crayons History

18 Feb Crayola Crayons History

Many of us looked forward to coloring when we were youngsters. We used crayons on coloring books and on sheets of blank paper and forbidden walls for freestyle artwork. It was fun picking colors to use.

The most common brand of crayons then was Crayola Crayons and it still is. The first box of Crayola Crayons was made in 1903 by Binney & Smith Co. It had eight colors, red, yellow, blue, green, violet, black, brown, and orange, the same colors in a box of eight today. It was Alice Binney, the wife of founder Edwin Binney, who coined the Crayola name. It comes from two French words, craie (chalk) and oleaginous (oily).

Crayola has made many developments and changes to its product in its century plus of existence. Here are some. Which of these do you remember?

1. 1949-40 colors are added.

2. 1958-16 colors are added. The Crayola 64 Box with its built in sharpener is introduced. The Prussian blue name is changed to midnight blue.

3. 1962-The flesh color is renamed peach.

4. 1972-8 fluorescent colors are introduced. The biggest box has 72 colors.

5. 1990-For the first time, 8 colors are retired, maize, lemon yellow, blue gray, raw umber, green blue, orange red, orange yellow, and violet blue. 16 colors are added.

6. 1993-16 colors named in a contest are added. There are now 96 colors in the biggest box.

7. 1994-24 colors are added. There are now 120 colors in the biggest box.

8. 1997-8 new colors nominated by kids are introduced, outer space, mountain meadow, fuzzy wuzzy, brink pink, shadow, banana mania, torch red and purple heart.

9. 1999-The Indian red color is renamed chestnut.

10. 2000-The thistle color is removed and replaced by indigo. The torch red name is changed to scarlet.

11. 2003-Four new colors, inchworm, mango tango, wild blue yonder and jazzberry jam are welcomed. We said farewell to blizzard blue, magic mint, mulberry and teal blue.

12. 2007-The color bluetiful is introduced.

Children in La Porte County Public Library use Crayola Crayons in classes as well as on their own free time. At the Main Library, a large green tub of crayons with coloring sheets is always available on a table in Youth Services.