Convert VHS Tapes Now

17 Jan Convert VHS Tapes Now

Let’s talk about all those memories from the ’80s and ’90s stored on home videotapes. It’s time to brush off the dust and convert VHS tapes to DVDs.

Here’s the deal. Your tapes are degrading. The sounds and images on VHS tapes are magnetized onto the tapes. According to research, that magnetic field fades over time. Even the best-kept tapes are going to degrade eventually.

But we have a great solution. Bring your VHS tapes with you to the Library and stop by Spark Labs during open lab hours to use our VHS to DVD conversion machine. You will need to bring a writeable DVD (DVD+R), or you can purchase one (with a case) from the library for $1.00. 

A cassette adapter is available for use with VHS-C tapes. If your original tape format is 8mm, Mini DV, or Hi8, you will need to bring a camcorder that plays that format and connect to the library’s conversion machine.

To learn more about the whole process, attend our Restoring and Digitizing Memories in Spark Labs on Monday, February 5.

And before you use the equipment, join our growing community of Makers by becoming a Spark Labs Official Maker. Learn more by visiting the Spark Labs web page.