Contactless Paying Options

Posted on May 25, 2020

by Cindy Casper

Did you know the library offers contactless payment options? Contactless payment options provide customers with a way to pay fines by simply holding up or tapping their credit cards or mobile device to a reader to submit payment. No contact with the payment reader is necessary. 

Contactless credit cards must be issued by the bank. Cards with this feature will display the Contactless Indicator symbol on the front or back of the card. Contact your bank to find out if this card option is available for you. Payment will be as easy as holding the card up to the payment reader when prompted. 

Many mobile devices, such as iPads, Fitbit, and mobile phones have the ability to use contactless payment also. Set up will vary among device types but most will require a mobile payment app to be downloaded and linked to a bank account. App options will vary based on your device type. Your device might already have a payment app installed. A quick search in your device app store will provide many app options. Apple devices will generally use the Apple Pay app while Samsung devices use the Samsung Pay app. Once the app is downloaded, follow the in-app prompts to link it to your bank account. To make contactless payments, open the app then hold the device up to the payment reader where accepted. 

Library customers also have the option of making payments online by logging into my account at

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