Connecting with Loved Ones…Virtually

04 May Connecting with Loved Ones…Virtually

For many of us who have loved ones living miles away, finding a way to connect can be important. Although nothing can replace face to face, technology offers a way for us to be right there in the room with them. Grandparents can watch grandchildren take their first steps or speak their first words. Spouses and loved ones are easily connected while work might keep them apart.


Because so many people like to take advantage of these free services, different options have been created. Many Apple users rely in FaceTime to connect with other Apple users. However, both parties need to have Apple products for this to work. Another option is Skype. It’s a free app you can get on your computer or mobile device. If you have a working camera on the device, internet connection, and an email address to sign up, you should be able to reach any other skype users.


Does all this sound a little too complicated to you? We will be holding a class on Thursday, May 12th at the Kingsford Heights branch from 5:00-6:00 on how to use Skype and help you break down the technology barriers. If you have a device you’d like to use, please bring. We will have some available Chromebooks to sign up and practice.


For more information on this class and any of our other technology classes, please visit our online calendar of events.