Chromebook Tips and Tricks

Posted on October 2, 2020

by Jenny Minich

More students are learning online than ever before. Many students have school-issued Chromebooks and caregivers may not be familiar with these devices. 


The state of Indiana recently launched a free service called the eLearning Lab.


Once users register for a free account, they can easily access eLearning resources and lesson ideas that are grounded in solid instructional pedagogy. The eLearning Lab is funded by the Indianapolis e-Learning Fund, and is meant to provide educators and families with the support they need to transition to eLearning. 


If you would like to skill up with Chromebooks, these are some great quick micro trainings available through the eLearning Lab:


Chromebook Simulator


Chromebook Accessibility


Using Your Chromebook Trackpad


If you need assistance with your Chromebook or any other device, we’re here to help! Complete this form to set up a one-on-one appointment or give us a call (219) 362-6156. 

Jenny Minich

Jenny Minich

Jenny stays up-to-date on the newest tech for kids and teachers, and her favorite days at work are STEAM Camp days. She likes all the stuff your grandma probably likes – genealogy, DIY, and Midwestern resourcefulness. Jenny lives on a farm with her husband, their 2 teenage children, and an unofficial petting zoo.
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