Celebrate National Poetry Month – “Our Numbered Days” Review

02 Apr Celebrate National Poetry Month – “Our Numbered Days” Review

Poetry can feel out of reach sometimes… until you come across a writer like Neil Hilborn. You may have seen him perform the poem, “OCD” in a viral video. If you haven’t seen any of his performances or read any of his poems, I recommend starting there.

Hilborn’s performed poems challenge you to put yourself in his shoes and the challenge continues in his debut book of poetry from 2015. Our Numbered Days includes his now famous poem, “OCD,” which is just as moving in print. A few overall themes in his book include mental illness, love, heartbreak, and more of life’s disappointments. But this isn’t a book of only sad poems… it’s so much more.

The back cover of his book describes his writing as “funny and mad at itself for being funny. It’s sad, and it thinks that’s also funny. It’s smart, even when it’s calling itself stupid. It says “Love me” while insisting that loving it is a bad idea. Our Numbered Days is like playing mini golf on a first date: it will be embarrassing at first, but, it swears, you’re gonna love it.”

Hilborn’s poetry doesn’t try too hard and his self-deprecating style feels real, honest, and raw. He writes about his family, thoughts on flying, past girlfriends, the Minnesota snow, and Paula Dean. His book is not very long, but it will stay with you and make you reconsider what you thought you knew about life.

His style of poetry isn’t for everyone and does contain some adult language. If you’re interested in reading something that will make laugh, cry, and think about your life, I recommend checking out Our Numbered Days. You can place a hold on it here.

If you’ve already read some of Hilborn’s poetry and enjoy it, you’ll be pleased to know his newest book called The Future will be published in April 2018.