National Grandparent’s Day is a national holiday that is celebrated on the first Sunday of September after Labor Day. This year that date falls on September 13th. This is a day to celebrate our intergenerational relationships in our families and communities, to bring awareness of the strength and guidance that older people can offer.


This holiday was started as a grass-roots effort by Marian Lucille Herndon McQuade. Her dream was to have a day that would honor all members of the family. As an advocate for older adults, her efforts were recognized on a national level. On August 3, 1978, Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation establishing National Grandparent’s Day.  “Grandparents are our continuing tie to the near-past, to the events and beliefs and experiences that so strongly affect our lives and the world around us. Whether they are our own or surrogate grandparents who fill some of the gaps in our mobile society, our senior generation also provides our society a link to our national heritage and traditions.” For over 40 years, Grandparent’s Day celebrations have been established across the country. Many times these take place in schools or at community centers and foster the relationships between children and their families.


Take some time on this National Grandparents Day to recognize the contributions your grandparents have made to your life and community. What are some ways you can celebrate National Grandparents Day? 



Posted on September 10, 2020

by Aimee Meier

Aimee Meier

Aimee Meier

Aimee is our UX and Trainer, but not the type that makes you skinny or buff. She has been a trainer for nearly 15 years, with a focus in technology. She is also a coffee-drinker, audiobook addict, mom, and cat collector. Much of her spare time is spent in a gym watching volleyball. She escapes to a beach or pool whenever she can. She is also a soup making champion as she has won the library’s soup-off competition two years in a row!
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