CDC Vaccine Recommendations

Posted on January 27, 2021

by Daphne Bechrakis

For decades, medical professionals have given guidance on what vaccines are recommended during the course of an average person’s life. Vaccines are a hot topic this year, so check out these CDC resources on recommended COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 vaccines, as well as who should get them. 


CDC Vaccine Information for Adults

This CDC page shows what non-COVID-19 vaccines all adults need as well as which ones are additionally recommended based on things like health conditions or travel schedule.


CDC Vaccines for Your Children

Children aged 0-18 are recommended several different vaccines at various stages of their lives. This CDC page lays out the non-COVID-19 vaccines that are recommended for based on their age grouping. 


CDC Pregnancy and Vaccination

Non-COVID-19 vaccine recommendations for before, during, and after pregnancy, as well as vaccine safety during pregnancy, are outlined on this CDC resource page for those who are pregnant or considering getting pregnant. 


ACIP COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendations 

This page from the CDC outlines the latest reports containing COVID-19 vaccination recommendations. 


CDC’s Frequently Asked Questions About COVID-19 Vaccination 

Questions such as whether it is safe to get the COVID-19 vaccine while pregnant or if you have an underlying health condition are answered in this CDC frequently asked questions page under the section on “Vaccine Safety.” 


Don’t forget to check out the library’s resource page on COVID-19 , where you can find links to the latest credible information about COVID-19 or the COVID-19 vaccines. 

Daphne Bechrakis

Daphne Bechrakis

Daphne is a Public Services Librarian and Harry Potter enthusiast. In her free time, she enjoys reading, adding books to her ever-growing “to-be-read” list, hiking, and watching terrible movies with friends. One of her current life goals is to collect the entirety of the Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. Her bucket list includes seeing the Aurora Borealis and going to Yellowstone National Park. She is the proud owner of a spider-plant named Skullcrusher III, first of its kind, which she has somehow managed not to kill yet.
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