Biography in Context by Gale

06 Aug Biography in Context by Gale

Did you know that you have access to more than 600,000 biographies online? Through Biography in Context, you can search for the most obscure subject and come up with results. With a simple interface, you can search a subject, and at a glance see how many different sources are available for each topic.

On the landing page for each subject, there are quick facts like birth dates and death dates. You can choose what kind of source you would like to use, be it a magazine or news article, academic journal, reliable websites, books, and even primary sources. You can also filter by content reading level, they are labeled with basic, intermediate, and advanced.

Once you have found the source that you would like to use, citing it in a research paper couldn’t be easier. Gale has a great citation tool that allows you to choose your style format and simply copy and paste the citation into your paper. You can also download your source for later use, print it off, or share it elsewhere.

Have an assignment, but not sure who to write about? No problem. On the landing page for Biography in Context, there are featured subjects separated into categories. Actors, athletes, and notable women are just a few examples. You can also use the Advanced Search feature and go to the Person Search tab to find all the people with specified qualities. Say you want to write about a female scientist, you can search for all the biographies about women in science. As well as gender and occupation, you can also specify birth and death dates, nationality, and ethnicity.

Whether you’ve looked at our print collection already, and still need more resources, or you’re just starting out on a research project, the Gale Biography in Context is the place to go. Check it out at!