Become a Volunteer Tutor

29 Aug Become a Volunteer Tutor

If you love to read and find it hard to imagine life without being able to read, maybe you’d like to become a volunteer tutor to help someone else to read better or increase other literacy skills. READ La Porte County, Inc., a United Way agency, has adults and children of all ages waiting for tutors. Potential tutors can note their preferences, such as the student’s age, gender, and subject and the time and place for tutoring, usually a school or library. Just fill out an application which may be picked up at any La Porte County Public Library location.

Most tutors tutor for an hour a week, but even that is flexible. Need to go on vacation or miss a tutoring session for another reason? No problem, your student may need to do the same at times. Don’t want to tutor in math or in speaking in English? Again, no problem, just say so on your application. Want training? That is available. Many tutors have said they learn as much as the students and that tutoring is a very rewarding experience.