As Seen On TV – New Search Tool in NovelistPlus

26 Aug As Seen On TV – New Search Tool in NovelistPlus

As Seen on TV: New Search Tool in NovelistPlus

At the Information Desk, we sometimes get questions about the books that are featured on TV or radio shows. The author was talking up their book on Ellen, and you don’t always have time to write down the title, or even worse, you’re in the car and someone mentions it on the radio! 

This used to be a complex question to answer, but with NovelistPlus, you can now search for these titles from home using ‘media mentions.’

If you have an idea of the title or author, you can add media mentions to any search, by selecting it under Additional Limiters.

If you remember what show it was featured on, but not the title, you can search for all items on a specific program with the Advanced Search.

You can then refine the results: sort by date, filter out adult or youth materials, and choose to view fiction or nonfiction only. 

You already have access to NovelistPlus through our website, under Online Databases.

As always, feel free to come in, we are happy to walk you through using NovelistPlus and help you search for that elusive next book!