Adding 3D Printing to Your Resume

06 May Adding 3D Printing to Your Resume

Jobs in or around 3D printing are more common than most people think–and you don’t need to look to the future to find them.

3D printers create models and prototypes, but did you know that you can also use a 3D printer to create replacement parts in some situations. For many careers, it’s can be a good idea to learn basic 3D design and printing skills. You don’t know how useful it can be until you try it. And once you have, you can add 3D printing to the skills section of your resume.

What are some of the careers that use 3D printing? Some of the first people to heavily integrate 3D printing into the workplace were architects and planners. We’ve all seen architectural models but did you know that a large part of these models are designed on a computer and printed on a 3D printer? These models allow organizations and governments to get the best sense of their investment.

Other careers use 3D printing every day too.

Machinists use 3D printing to create models and replacement parts. It’s cheaper and faster to prototype models on the computer and tinker with the print. Understanding basic 3D printing allows machinists to create replacement parts faster than ordering it–and in the future, it’s possible that mechanics will print most of their parts in-shop.

Can you think ways to use models and prototypes more effectively at home or work? Are there other careers you’re interested in that use 3D printing?

Learning 3D printing skills at the Library opens a window to possibilities. You won’t know what you can create until you start. Learn more about 3D printing at the Library by becoming a certified Maker and watching this tutorial on 3D printing at the La Porte County Public Library’s online Academy.

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