40 Years and Counting

17 Feb 40 Years and Counting


The correspondents, host and executive producer of “Sunday Morning.” Michele Crowe/CBS

CBS Sunday Morning is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Sunday Morning launched Jan. 28, 1979 with Charles Kuralt as anchor. Charles Osgood was named Kuralt’s successor in 1994, and held the position until he retired in September 2016, when Jane Pauley was named his successor. The series has been the #1 Sunday morning news program for the past 15 consecutive seasons.

I’m happy to be old enough to remember when Charles Kuralt was the anchor. He had a way of drawing you into a story. If you also remember him, you might enjoy borrowing some of the materials we have available¬†¬†

I did also enjoy Charles Osgood’s personality and sense of humor. He was a good replacement for Kuralt. He’s written a few books that are worth a review. He also voiced a character in the 2008 Horton Hears a Who movie. Watch it and see if you can hear which character.

It’s exciting and maybe I feel a little pride that we now have a Hoosier anchoring the show in Jane Pauley. Her book, Your Life Calling, which is about later life transitions is her latest book. She also wrote a biography in 2004 titled Skywriting. Of course, she’ll have at least one more biography with her new chapter in life as host of CBS Sunday Morning.

The best thing about Sunday morning isn’t the anchor. It’s that there is something for everyone in the broadcast. Heartwarming stories, traveling, fashion, entertainment, and that last minute of nature. Cheers to forty years, and lets hope for forty more.