2018 Tax Forms and Changes

14 Jan 2018 Tax Forms and Changes

Tax reforms made as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act included changes to forms and filing requirements. IRS Publication 5307, Tax Reform: Basics for Individuals and Families is a resource to help individual taxpayers understand the new law.

Beginning for Tax Year 2018, the forms have been streamlined. You will no longer use Forms 1040A or 1040EZ to file your Federal Tax Return. Instead, everyone will use the redesigned Form 1040 and supplemental Schedules. More information on these changes can be found on the Internal Revenue Services website www.irs.gov. A complete list of Forms, Instructions and Publications can be accessed directly at www.irs.gov/forms.

Changes made to Indiana State Tax Forms are similar to those made to federal forms. Everyone will file using an IT-40 Form and supplemental Schedules. For more information on filing your state returns, visit the Indiana Department of Revenue website www.in.gov/dor/. IT-40 Booklets are now available to the public at all LPCPL locations.   

The Internal Revenue Service is one of the federal agencies currently affected by the government shutdown. Because of this, all IRS offices are closed and calls to their hotlines may go unanswered. Shipments of tax forms to organizations, like libraries, have also been delayed. The IRS website and self-service tools are still accessible. Library staff can assist you in navigating IRS online resources to locate the information and forms you need. Documents can also be printed from library computers for the standard costs per page: $0.15 for black and white, $0.25 for color.