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Posted on July 1, 2020

by Mary Hedge

Look at these statements from headline articles in the La Porte Herald in July, 1920. Terminology, capitalization, and what makes headline news can be different. Yet accidents, business, crime, and war still make headlines. Want to read the whole article? It’s on microfilm in the Indiana Room at the Main Library. Staff will be glad to help you access it.


July 1-11

A woman is granted a divorce on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment from a man with the ring name Young Tigo who said his fellow fighters will say his training was by beating his wife.

Features at the Democratic national convention are complete silence on the wet and dry issue, sympathy for Ireland, aid for veterans of the World war, woman suffrage, etc.

A 16-year-old lad on a bicycle hit by an auto “has the kind fates that watch over small boys, half-wits and politicians to thank that he is still alive.”

The Hotel Rumely broke all previous records the night of July 4th. Every room was occupied and cots were spread all over the place.

At the Democratic National Convention, Franklin D. Roosevelt of New York, assistant secretary of the navy, is nominated to be the running mate of Gov. James M. Cox of Ohio.

The price of gasoline may continue to go up, but the rise cannot be attributed to the usual demand and supply alibi.

Yard hydrants shall be used for sprinkling from 5 to 8:30 a.m. and 4 to 8:30 p.m. and only from May 1st to November 1st unless payment is made for the balance of the year.

A large barrel has been placed on the sidewalk on Michigan avenue near Lincoln Way to cover a hole through which a child’s tiny feet might fall or an adult trip.

A man who gambles with death while he goes over the Horseshoe falls of Niagara in a barrel dies. His wife and eleven children live in Bristol, England.

July 13-18

The first two new Rumely trucks arrive for testing in the Advance-Rumely works. They are snappy looking fellows resplendent in the standard Oil-Pull colors of green, red and black.

Warring neighbors were in police court this morning. It was a great trial. The neighborhood was out in force and family members from grand-dad to baby were there and glowed at one another.

A florist and candy merchant on Lincoln Way has a window display with a pond with gold fish and five pretty canaries hop from twig to twig above it.

Twins Cora and Nora and their mother have a triple wedding in Valparaiso.

George W. Allen and Son draw plans for a new First Church of Christ, Scientist church in a remodeled building in the 1000 block of Michigan avenue.

Ornamental stucco and tile will be at the front of the Phoenix Theatre when it is remodeled. Its seating capacity will approach 1000.

July 20-31

The laying of the corner stone of St. John’s new parish hall is set for Sunday, August 8. The handsome new edifice is to be erected at the corner of B and Third streets.

Senator Duffey of Indianapolis characterized Senator Negley, president pro tem, as “a little shrimp” during arguments on an amendment to a bill. The two senators came near a fist fight.

Rioting in Belfast, Ireland wrecks a post office, kills three persons, and wounds over forty dangerously and fifty slightly.

The fine big Cadillac coupe of Dr. John Kerrigan of Michigan City was stolen. At high speed, it had passed a druggist who supposed that the doctor was hurrying to some emergency.

A 12-year-old boy was chained to a post for 12 hours. His 20-year-old brother is in jail, charged with the maltreatment. Playmates found the prisoner and broke the chains.

Plans for the new Etropal theater at the northwest corner of Indiana avenue and Lincolnway are drawn by architect Scott C. Dyer of Chicago.

Out of 80 coal mines in the state, only 38 are in operation because of a walk-out. Around 22,500 state miners are idle.

Emil Magnuson put in a year to build a beautiful 10-room brick bungalow on Rockwood street. It cost $6500 and is worth $10,000. He hired out only the masonry work and plastering.

Prohibition candidate Rev. Aaron S. Watkins of Ohio is as good as elected. He does the family washing! His actions speak louder to women than the words of other presidential candidates.

Tubby,” an 11-year-old 148 ½ pounder, went to the Christian Sunday School picnic at noon. Then he went to the Methodist picnic supper. Today he is making inquiries with other churches.

The Lion Drug Store will give a strawberry ice cream for every dollar’s worth of cash register checks at their store during August.

Mary Hedge

Mary Hedge

Mary is a Public Services Librarian. She enjoys helping people find the information they need, including family and local history searches. Also, she serves as the director of READ La Porte County, Inc., plays the organ for a church, and enjoys traveling.
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