100 Years Ago in May 1919

01 May 100 Years Ago in May 1919

100 Years Ago in May, 2019

Look at these statements from headline articles in the La Porte Argus in May, 1919. Terminology, capitalization, and what makes headline news can be different. Yet accidents, business, crime, and war still make headlines. Want to read the whole article? It’s on microfilm in the Indiana Room at the Main Library. Staff will be glad to help you access it.


May 1-11

Girl telephone operators in Linton, Ind. who went out on strike a week ago, causing Governor Goodrich to send state troops to maintain order, are back at work today.

La Porte school enumeration of first-fifth graders lists 1,648 white girls, 3 colored girls, 1,816 white boys and 8 colored boys.

The slogan, “Let every little home have its little still” will have no application in La Porte. The bureau of internal revenue intends to exercise the keenest vigilance against “moonshining.”

Robbers gain entrance to the Haskell & Barker Car company offices and take $11,000 in cash. They broke the vault door and opened the safe with the combination they found in a desk.

The printed report that Princess Mary, the only daughter of King George and Queen Mary, is engaged to marry was denied at Windsor Castle.

A new bakery, a branch of the Federal System of Bakeries, will be at 920 Lincoln Way in the room recently vacated by the People’s Clothing Co. It will have white equipment and uniforms.

Mrs. Belle Gunness is still alive according to a letter received here from Tulsa, Okla. from an unknown writer. She advertises for husbands and the men who come disappear.

The little boy who ran away to Cincinnati is still there because his people have not sent the money to pay his fare home.

La Porte now has a branch of the Independent Order of Foresters with a charter membership of 87. The order maintains an orphanage and a sanitarium.

Chicken thieves are again molesting the quiet and law abiding poultry raisers of the city. Seven birds were stolen from 118 Worden street and 20 chicks were lost from 516 J street.

May 13-18

Two Ford touring cars were stolen last night. One was on State street and belonged to a man at a dance at Wolf Hall. The other one was stolen from a residence in Kingsbury at 4 o’clock A.M.

The principal of Central school notified police that some boys are remaining out of school for no reason. One was picked up distributing samples of a popular cereal and sent back to school.

Tonight “the human fly” will scale the outside walls of First National bank, using only his hands and feet, starting from the sidewalk, going to the 3rd floor, and standing on his head at the top.

Corsets and all the mysterious things women wear under their outer dress are luxuries and taxed in the new government luxury tax.

The United States agrees to keep troops on the Rhine and keep the U.S. flag flying over German territory for at least five years.

St. John’s Lutheran church voting members discuss plans to erect a parish building on B street because the auditorium in their school building is inadequate for their increased enrollment.

May 20-25

A man who slayed his brother is committed to the insane hospital in Michigan City for the rest of his life. The man did not seem affected by the verdict of the court.

Jack Dempsey makes plain to his trainers that he is a prize fighter but not a life saver when waters sweep around his training quarters in Toledo, Ohio.

The long wanted new city library is now a certainty. The building must be completed before April, 1920, in order to secure the gift money from Andrew Carnegie.

A public comfort station, probably located on the court house lawn, will be established in this city.

Commencement of the La Porte High school was held at Central school. A few minutes after the doors opened, standing room only was left.

Home brewing of beer became less interesting to Indianians today. The federal government announces it will prosecute those violating the law and impose a fine of up to $5,000.

May 27-31

  1. A. Decker undertaking will have a new home when the residence at the corner of Michigan and Maple avenues is remodeled with plans drawn by George W. Allen, architect.

The county has 59,000 acres devoted to raising wheat, compared to 40,000 acres in 1916. A yield of a million bushels is predicted.

Just as the city band concert was about to start last night, a Studebaker six touring car dashes down Lincolnway at a death defying speed of at least 40 miles an hour. The driver was drunk.

France joins hands with America today (Memorial Day) in honoring the memory of America’s heroic dead. President Wilson will make an address in a suburb of Paris.

With three dead and two injured at half the distance of the 500 mile auto race at Motor Speedway, Indianapolis, the race is the most grim since the track was given a brick surface.