100 Years Ago in December, 2017

01 Dec 100 Years Ago in December, 2017

December 1-9

The Germans captured 4,000 British soldiers on Friday.

La Porte “grocerymen” receive word that their business will be governed under the food administration of Herbert Hoover.

President Wilson re-states that the U. S. intends to win the war and must at once declare war on Austria-Hungary because that nation now is a “vassal state of Germany.”

Four runaway boys from the Julia E. Work orphanage at Plymouth were found following railroad tacks and were picked up near Wellsboro.

Halifax is on fire because of an explosion of a munitions ship rammed in the harbor. Doctors, nurses and fire fighting apparatus are being rushed there from a radius of 80 miles.

Not less than 3,000 lives are lost in the big disaster at Halifax yesterday. Scores of persons are blown to atoms. Two square miles are in waste.

Another American destroyer is sunk by German submarines. Only 37 men out of 100 survive.

Jerusalem, the Holy city, has been captured from the Turks by the British army operating in Palestine. This has been expected for some time.
December 11-16

Sen. Reed of Missouri creates a sensation in the senate by warning of the danger of a Teutonic invasion of the U. S. and advocating calling those from 18-21 years for training to meet the eventuality.

The Germans shot down 25- allied aeroplanes and 22 captive balloons in November. German losses were 62 aeroplanes and two balloons.

Kreidler Clothing Co. has everything for the boys “at the Front” or “in camp” such as helmets, wristlets, sweaters, shirts, socks, underwear, and military fit-all toilet kits.

The surgeon general announces that the majority of deaths in camps throughout the country are due to pneumonia, including a Monon man who had the measles and left the hospital too soon.

The Red Cross campaign will be launched at a union church service at the First Baptist. The churches are First M. E., St. Paul’s Episcopal, German M.E., Baptist, and Presbyterian.

A shooting gallery will be open in the basement under the bowling alley at 714 Indiana ave. this afternoon.
December 18-23

The Improved Order of Red Men will hold an important and patriotic meeting this evening. There will be discussion on the subject, “What Shall Be Done for Brothers in the Service.”

A child pianist from Minneapolis will appear at a recital at the Madison theater for the benefit of the La Porte Red Cross.

The son of Billy Sunday is a lieutenant in the aviation corps. Although he was exempted on account of his wife and two children, he enlisted anyway.

Mayor Krueger of Michigan City files suit asking that Mayor-elect Miller be restrained from taking office because he was elected by 560 votes illegally cast by German alien enemies.

An unconfirmed report is that the Krupp gun works at Essen, the chief source of Germany’s armament supply, has been burning for 24 hours.

In the past few weeks a number of county citizens, including La Porte, have been placed under bond to maintain an attitude toward government that will bear some semblance of Americanism.
December 26-30

Yesterday the shoe hospital man rode about in a wagon filled with over 300 stockings filled with candies, nuts, and toys. He gave much cheer to homes.

Solicitors for thrift stamps and war savings certificates will canvass every house in every town and village in the county.

The U. S. government takes over all the active direction of the national railway systems at noon today.

The new January victor records go on sale on Dec. 31. Hear them at Kessler’s Furniture Store and Sonneborn’s Sporting Goods Store.

All boys and girls coming to the Phoenix theater on New Year’s day to see the “photoplay” “Little Sunset” will receive a gift at the door.