10 Great Books by Local Authors at LPCPL

Posted on August 9, 2021

by Holly Trott


In La Porte County, we have no shortage of talent when it comes to writing. Here are just a few of the great titles by local authors that we are pleased to offer in the collection. 


Adult Titles:

Sweet Burden of Crossing -Kate Towle

Sweet Burden of Crossing details the story of Chris and Rikki, two Midwestern college students in the 1980s who form a deep bond through their shared journey of father loss. Chris came from the quiet town of LaPorte, while Rikki was raised by foster parents in Gary, an industrial city in decline. The novel follows the young women as they explore their identities and the intergenerational trauma challenging their lives.


Heather -Linda Pitmon

When a young girl moves from the country to a city life, she is forced to leave her beloved pet behind. No matter how much you try to provide them with care, you cannot guarantee their protection.


Random Acts of Poetry: Best Read with Coffee or Tea -Brett Starr

The art of poetry through rhythms and rhymes brings meaning to our lives and times.


Against All Odds: An Epic Fantasy Collection -Multiple Authors 

Included in this collection is Scales of Time by local author Scott Simerlein. Chaotic Worlds of Indomitable Monsters. Draw your blade. Fasten your armor. Prepare for war. Seven new tales of harrowing challenges, epic battles, rousing victories, and crushing defeats.


Somatic Internal Family Systems Therapy: Awareness, Breath, Resonance, Movement and Touch in Practice -Susan McConnell

Somatic Internal Family Systems Therapy introduces a new therapeutic modality that blends principles of somatic therapy–like movement, touch, and breathwork–with the traditional tools of the Internal Family Systems framework. Clinical applications include the treatment of depression, trauma, anxiety, eating disorders, chronic illness, and attachment disorders.


Youth Titles:

Grace and Box -Kim Howard

A universal friendship (child and box) has come alive in this imaginative and humorous picture book. The depths of friendships run deep with children, even if they’re just boxes to us! 


The Missing Puppy -Garrett Cadwell

When Miss Johnson’s puppy goes missing, Officer Cooper & and his K9 dog, Trip are on the scene. Will trip use his K9 skills to lead Cooper to the missing puppy?


Gnocchi the DC Corgi: Exploring the CapitolAllison Feikes 

Gnocchi, a corgi, joins his mom at work one day in the U.S. Senate. This is an imaginative tale of Gnocchi escaping his leash and discovering all of the secrets of the U.S. Capitol.


Mr. King’s Castle Elementary: New Beginnings  – Tony Ferreira

Jahi, a young boy from France, is afraid to go to a new school in America. When he enters the school building, which is a large, intimidating castle, he quickly learns this is no ordinary school.


The Dog and the Jet Ski -James B. Dworkin

While on a boat ride, hoping to see his dolphin friend, Red the Irish Setter is unexpectedly washed overboard in a storm. Will his dolphin friend come to his rescue? 


Book descriptions from the publisher.

Holly Trott

Holly Trott

Holly is the Collection Management Librarian at LPCPL and contributes to the library’s Social Media presence. She enjoys reading everything from Science Fiction and Fantasy to Historical Nonfiction. When she’s not reading, she also enjoys kayaking, video games, eating pizza, and spoiling her cats.
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