You Should Try a Book Club

29 Mar You Should Try a Book Club

There are many blogs and articles out there giving you reasons why you should join a book club….and this one is no different. However, this one will give you my personal reasons why I am a fan of book clubs and why I think you should try one of the many book clubs offered throughout the library system. Including the new online book club, Literary Loungers.

  1. They are free! This is by far my favorite thing about book clubs and all events at the La Porte County Public Library. They are provided free of charge to our customers by donations given to us by Friends of the Library group. The majority of the book club events offered at our locations even stock several copies of that month’s book and are available to you for check out. The only effort you have to put forth is going to pick it up. No need to spend money to purchase a copy just to participate.
  2. All the excitement cannot be contained. Let’s face it, some books are so grotesque, so shocking or make you feel so sad or happy that when you read them you must immediately share that feeling with another person. And some books are written so well or so horribly bad that they beg to be talked about. By coming to one of our book clubs you will find that same energy and excitement in others. You will find those who want to share their reasons why they hate or love a book too.  There will also be no judgement for your mourning the death of a fictional book character.
  3. Your friends need a break. I absolutely love my friends. I could never replace them but they are my friends because of our similar interests and desire to do like things. We all tend to have the same opinions about many topics, that’s why we are such great friends. So I always encourage people to join a group with total strangers. This allows you to stretch your outlook on life and see things through the eyes of someone different than your normal group. Book clubs are the perfect group to do this because even though you may not know a sole you know your common interest in books will always give you something new to talk about and hopefully see life in a whole new way.
  4. Onions. As a child, I hated onions. I would not eat them, touch them and even dramatically pretended I was allergic to them. When I grew up enough my father shared a secret with me. As you can probably guess I had been eating onions my whole life. Once I couldn’t pretend to hate them any longer I started to embrace them and other things that my father told me to try. The same goes for our reading habits, we tend read within our comfort zones and refuse to try onions (other authors) because of some pre-conceived notion we think we will not like that genre or author. Book clubs force us to read things that we may not choose for ourselves, sort of like my dad forcing me to eat onions, and we soon discover that we really enjoy them.

So there you have it, all the great reasons you should try one of our book clubs. Check out the events calendar to find out all the details about each one. Too busy to make it to the library? Try the new online book club, Literary Loungers. Find the event on our facebook page.