The King of Horror

29 Jul The King of Horror

Stephen King fans, rejoice! Not one, but two films based on King’s novels will be coming soon to a theater near you. If you’ve never read Stephen King but always wanted to, now is the perfect time. Read or reread these books before seeing the movies. Check out another of King’s classic novels  or film adaptations guaranteed to make you sleep with the lights on!


The Dark Tower

Release Date: Friday, August 4

Based on King’s Dark Tower series. Read volume 1, The Gunslinger to get started with this 8 book series.

Summary: “Roland, the world’s last gunslinger, tracks an enigmatic Man in Black toward a forbidding dark tower, fighting forces both mortal and other-worldy on his quest.”


Release Date: Friday, September 8

Based on King’s novel IT, aka the reason most people are scared of clowns.

Summary: “They were seven teenagers when they first stumbled upon the horror. Now they were grown-up men and women who had gone out into the big world to gain success and happiness. But none of them could withstand the force that drew them back to Derry, Maine to face the nightmare without an end, and the evil without a name.”


ADDED BONUS – Stephen King’s newest novel, Sleeping Beauties will be released on September 26!