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Looking for Something That Isn’t In Our Catalog?

If you are a La Porte County Public Library card holder and you would like to suggest a DVD, book, CD, audiobook, etc. for purchase, please use this form.
Check our catalog to see if we already own the item, or if it can be found through InterLibrary Loan before you submit a suggestion.
Due to the number of purchase suggestions we receive, we are not able to notify you when items are selected for purchase. Please check our catalog within 4 weeks of your request to see if the item has been ordered and place your reserve. Please note: there is no 4 week turnaround during our purchasing hiatus of November 21 to early January.
Please include only one title in each request form.
Please do not request:

  1. eBooks or eAudiobooks; these can be requested directly through the OverDrive app or the OverDrive site
  2. DVDs and Music CDs that have not yet been released for sale to the public
  3. Books more than two months prior to publication
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