STEAM: M is for Math

11 May STEAM: M is for Math

This is the final instalment of a series on STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. This post is about the last letter in the acronym: Math.

One household mathematician said: “One friend from Sesame Street, plus one friend from Sesame Street, equals two friends from Sesame Street! Ah, ha, ha!” I am of course speaking about Count von Count. You can learn to count with the Count by checking out the book The Count Counts Scary Things or a Sesame Street DVD from the library.

You can count on the La Porte County Public Library to have a range of resources on math that includes much more than books.

Some of them include:

  • The Sharing Kits provide a small collection of books and DVDs around a topic, such as Sharing Kit: Teaching Math With Picture Books.
  • STEAM Kits provide learning materials on a six-week checkout and include games or models. The STEAM Kit: Add and Subtract is a collection of math games.
  • Whether you are a grade school or high school student, or an adult looking to brush up on your math skills, try the Testing & Education Reference Center’s Basic Skills Math Tutorials. You’ll find hundreds of interactive tutorials with quizzes to teach you important subject information. This reference center also has pretests and help for people preparing for standardized tests like the SAT or GRE.

Math includes spatial awareness, problem-solving, and pattern finding. That’s why computer science grew from mathematics. Young learners can practice skills like measuring and block coding in Spark Labs and at classes and events.