Snow Day Science

25 Jan Snow Day Science

Cooped up in the house with energetic, curious little minds? Try some hands-on science activities!

La Porte County has been hit with some brutally frigid weather this January. In anticipation of snow days to come, I’ve stocked up on some books and activities to keep my kiddoes occupied (and off the Xbox and iPads!) if school is closed and it’s too cold to be outside. These books will give you some great ideas on using household items to bust boredom and limit screen time:

Book Jacket           Book Jacket           Book Jacket

The Curious Kid’s Science Book: 100+ Creative Hands-On Activities for Ages 4-8 by Asia Citro explores the idea that children are born to investigate the world, making them natural scientists. She includes several creative activities on plants and seeds; water and ice; mold, bacteria, and fungus; engineering; food and candy; baking soda and vinegar; environmental science; and living things. My favorites were designing a plant maze and creating a cabbage juice rainbow.

Ruff Ruffman’s 44 Favorite Science Activities is geared toward older elementary kids and includes witty commentary from the favorite PBS character, Ruff Ruffman. It contains more detailed information about the scientific method and would be a great resource for science fair project inspiration this spring!

Edible Science: Experiments You Can Eat by Jodi Wheeler-Toppin combines two of my personal favorites – food and science. My kids love watching Masterchef Jr. and helping me in the kitchen, so I knew this title would be a hit in my household. The experimental recipe that I can’t wait to try with the kids? Baked Alaska!

Can’t get out of the driveway? Don’t want to change out of your PJ’s or comb your hair? Check out these eBooks with your library card for creative project ideas without leaving your home!

Tinkering: Kids Learn by Making Stuff by Curt Gabrielson

The Lego Adventure Book, Volume 1: Cars, Castles, Dinosaurs and More! by Megan H. Rothrock

Happy creating!