Summer Technology Conference

Who: All teachers in La Porte County Grades K-12
What: This professional development opportunity focused on Indiana Academic Standards using coding devices such as Cubelets, Micro Bit, Makey Makey, Hummingbird Bit, OzoBot Bit, and more.  All La Porte County schools will have these devices for the 2019-2020 school year…do you know how to use them?
When: July 30 & 31
Where: Purdue University Northwest
James P. Dworkin Student Services & Activities Complex
1401 S. US 421, Westville, IN
Breakfast and lunch included with your registration.
There is no fee for the conference or sessions.

Two full-day Nextech trainings will be available during the conference. If you plan to attend, register for those with the links below.

Nextech Integrating CS in Middle School – Created for middle school educators teaching across all subjects, the Integrating Computer Science professional development workshop is designed to equip teachers with the knowledge and instructional strategies to integrate computer science into existing coursework.
Tue, July 30
9:00 AM – 3:30 PM CDT
Nextech CS Fundamentals Workshop – Applicable to teachers of any grade. Taught by facilitators who are experienced computer science educators, our workshops will prepare you to teach the curriculum.
Wed, July 31
9:00 AM – 3:30 PM CDT


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Curriculum Kits

Educators and parents borrow curriculum kits for a six week loan period so that students can use the materials as part of a unit of study. Each kit contains up to 30 books, audio, and videos based on popular study topics. Kits are geared for either primary, intermediate, or secondary grades.

Curriculum Kits

Libraries 360 FAQs

Classroom Visits

Our librarian educators are available for classroom visits from September  through May. Fill out the  form below to schedule a classroom visit. You can schedule up to four visits per school year.

Please make sure to request all classes at least three weeks in advance. A classroom teacher must be present for classroom management. In order to maintain the best learning environment, classes are intended for a single classroom group unless otherwise requested. Please inform us in advance if classes need to be adapted for any special needs, i.e. hearing impaired or special education classes.

Grades Pre-K-2 (20-30 minutes)

Library Field Trip

Schedule a field trip with your classroom to any of LPCPL’s library locations for tours or research projects. We can’t wait for your class to visit!

Classroom Visits

LPCPL educators will visit your class and read a variety of fiction and non-fiction titles that support Indiana State Standards in reading foundations, literature, and vocabulary. Teachers can even request a theme.

Grades 3-5 (45-60 minutes)

LittleBits: Synth Kit

Build a synthesizer and experiment with manipulating sound waves. LittleBits are pieces that connect magnetically to teach students about pitch, amplitude, and timbre.

Squishy Circuits

Learn about electricity and how to build basic circuits with dough and LED lights. See how energy can be transformed into light and sound.

Our Solar System

Discover how scientists use space rovers to investigate our Solar System. Working together, students will build a scale model of our solar system and program a robot to move through it.

Science Behind Superheroes

How does Superman fly? Why can Magneto control metal? Investigate the science behind your favorite heroes and villains.

Native Americans Of Indiana

Learn about the culture of the Northeast Woodland Indians through Native American stories, songs, games, and artifacts.

Daily Life during the Civil War

Learn about the daily life of a Civil War soldier. Handle a replica soldier’s uniform and haversack. Read letters written by Union Soldiers and play a “Civil War Slang” game.

Bitsbox Coding

Students learn to program with Javascript by creating fun apps on a virtual tablet. For further skill-building, teachers can check out one of 3 Bitsbox Curriculum Kits to use in the classroom for up to 6 weeks.


Kata in the Classroom

Used by Jaeger-Unitek Industries, Kata develops a method of thought that can be applied to overcome engineering and design challenges, product development, and problem solving. Students develop a pattern of practical scientific thinking through hands-on exercises.

3D Printing Demonstration

See a 3D printer in action! Learn about the tools and supplies needed, how to use software to control the printer, and free CAD software students can use to design their own creations.

Poetry Mini-Workshop

Listen to poetry and identify the basic elements of a good poem. Students will be able to write their own poem using creative brainstorming techniques.

Fight the Fake, Find the Facts

Learn more about scholarly research, credible sources, and how to spot fake news by evaluating sources in this dynamic lesson.

Library Field Trip

Schedule a field trip with your classroom to any library location for a tour or research project.

Grades 6-12 (45-60 minutes)

Civil Rights Movement

Learn how activists worked for equal voting, public spaces, and education. This session will cover life in the Jim Crow era and discuss how students volunteered to make a positive impact on the country.

Nazi Propaganda

Explore the use of propaganda and its impact on the Holocaust. Students will access an interactive online exhibit from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. This lesson does include graphic imagery used by the Nazi party.

Fight The Fake, Find the Facts

Learn more about scholarly research, credible sources, and how to spot fake news by evaluating sources in this dynamic lesson.

Library Field Trip

Schedule a field trip with your classroom to any LPCPL locations for tours or research projects. We can’t wait for your class to visit!


Students become familiar with a variety of fiction and nonfiction books. Educators booktalk 4-6 books at differing reading levels. These can be tailored for current class topics.

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