Help! What’s My Student Going to Read Over Break!?

10 Dec Help! What’s My Student Going to Read Over Break!?

It’s almost winter break for your student. Does your student need books to read? Do they need to be a certain AR level? Do they need to like the book? Don’t fret! We are here to help! There are so many books to choose from here at La Porte County Public Library. We can keep your student busy reading all break long. Here are some suggestions, from one of our youth  librarians on staff, in order of Interest Level, AR Book Level, and Points. 

How to search by AR levels

Want to look for more books in your students AR range? You can search our catalog and filter your results by AR Level. Simply put in a search term in the box that says “search the catalog” then on your left hand side filter by selecting “Reading level.”

If you don’t have the search term simply click “Advance Search” at the upper right of your screen, then Reading Level. Select your student’s Reading Program in the drop box. Select your student’s Interest Level, Reading Level, and Point Level. Need more help? Ask a staff member, we are here to help! Make sure to click on the titles below to read more or to put the book on hold.

Lower Grade Levels

Please, Mr. Panda  BL 1.1 Points 0.5

Hello, Ruby BL 1.8 Points  0.5

A Dog Wearing Shoes BL 1.8 Points 0.5

Hilo Book 1: The Boy Who Crashed to Earth BL 2.3 Points 1

The Incredible Book Eating Boy BL 2.8 Points 0.5

Robo Sauce BL 2.9 Points 0.5

The Librarian From the Black Lagoon BL 3.2 Points 0.5

Orion and the Dark BL 3.4 Points 0.5

A Fine Dessert: Four Centuries, Four Families, One Delicious Treat BL 3.6 Points 0.5

Toys Go Out BL 4.0 Points 2

Middle Grade Levels

Sunny Side Up BL 2. 4 Points 3.6

A Fish In A Tree BL 3.7 Points 7

Chasing Secrets BL 3.7 Points 7

Crenshaw BL 3.8  Points 3

Goodbye Stranger BL 3.9 Points 7.0

The Nest BL 4.3 Points 5

A Handful of Stars BL 4.4 Points 5

The Marvels BL 4.6 Points 6

Echo BL 4.9 Points 13

Fuzzy Mud BL 5 Points 5

The Thing About Jellyfish BL 5 Points 7

The Penderwicks on Gardam Street from the Penderwicks Series BL 5.3 Points 10

The Boy Who Fell Off the Mayflower BL 5.5 Points 1

Upper Grades

Honor Girl BL 3.1 Points 2

Orbiting Jupiter Bl 4.4. Points 4

Fans of the Impossible Life BL 4.6 Points 11

Steve Jobs: Insanely Great BL 4.7 Points 1

Saint Anything BL 4.7 Points 15

All American Boys BL 4.9 Points 10

Undertow BL 4.9 Points 13

The Accident Season  BL 5.2 Points 11

All The Bright Places BL 5.3 Points 14

Becoming Maria BL 5.5 Points 11

Conviction BL 5.6 Points 16