Happy Ending Adoption Stories

18 Nov Happy Ending Adoption Stories


Several happy and amazing stories about adoptions were related at the last Local Lore discussion of the year. Here are a shortened versions of some of them.

One woman was adopted as an infant by a couple who didn’t have children. When she was older, she tried to find out who her birth parents were. She got leads from someone who worked at the hospital where she was born and from a judge. A few years later she figured out who her mother was and where she lived. She went to visit her in Florida where her mother worked at a trailer park and checked in. Her mother recognized the town where she was from and they talked a little. The next morning, her mother said, “You’re my daughter, aren’t you?” She was also able to find out who her father was.

Another woman adopted a son and then had a natural daughter. She said they were always treated as her own children and they grew up as if they were natural siblings.

A man adopted infant daughters and from the moment they were put in his arms, he felt they were his own. Each girl is very different from each other, but equally a part of his family. One girl worked with a girl who looked a lot like her, and it turned out that they were natural sisters!

One woman adopted two daughters who had been her foster daughters. She now has a happy family.

Another woman adopted a young daughter from Mexico after having two natural sons. When a lady came to visit the family about the adoption, the five-year-old said, “Why is she giving us her baby?”

A couple adopted a daughter and two years later got a call that a baby son was waiting for them. When they went to pick him up, he turned out to be a girl! They didn’t want to refuse a baby, so they adopted her and were allowed to adopt a boy a couple years later at a time when most couples were able to adopt only two infants.

Another couple adopted a boy and girl from orphanages in Romania. They later discovered that the girl had a problem that caused her development to be slow as well as to give her other problems. But now as a younger adult, the girl is well-adjusted and probably much better off in the U.S. than she would have been in Romania.

One man didn’t find out that he was adopted until he was a senior citizen. But a government worker spilled the beans and he was able to meet his birth mother just before she died.

There was also discussion about the difficulty in finding records of relatives for some adoptees and some advice was given for those seeking to adopt.