Happy Birthday, Rainbow Fish!

18 Jul Happy Birthday, Rainbow Fish!


First published in 1992, The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister is the classic tale of a beautiful, scaly fish who learns about sharing, kindness, and friendship. Readers all over the world still hold this touching story close to their hearts, and the themes are more relevant than ever, even 25 years later.

What made The Rainbow Fish a unique and different children’s book, were the glittering, iridescent foil scales on the pages, which were revolutionary at the time in publishing. The story’s visual design and artwork complemented the story’s overall message, which still hails as one of the most popular and unforgettable children’s books of all time.

Marcus Pfister, personally acknowledged the Rainbow Fish as well: “The most heartfelt of congratulations, my dear Rainbow Fish! I brought you to life, but you and the readers did everything else alone. Because writing a touching story is not enough. Every story needs readers who are ready to be touched and inspired by it.”

The Rainbow Fish has spawned a series of several books. If you want to read more about the Rainbow Fish and his adventures, click here and check out a copy today!