Coffee and Canvas

09 May Coffee and Canvas

At the Coolspring Coffee and Canvas event on Saturday, April 14, we sipped on coffee, munched on cookies, and painted a canvas. We had an awesome time!


The idea for this event came to me when I found out about other painting events, such as Wine and Canvas. Most events like this cost $35 or more per person and you must be over 21 to attend. We wanted to offer a class where any adult could come and paint for fun without being required to buy anything – including their beverages.


When I started thinking about what type of painting we would make at the event, I wanted something that could appeal to all kinds of people. I found a really neat landscape painting that is made to look like a Polaroid picture. It was perfect!


I made a sample canvas (or two!) so people who were interested could see what it would look like. On the day of the class, I invited everyone to have fun with their paintings and use color if they wanted or keep in the black and white gray-scale of the original.


As you can see, there are many different ways of making the same painting. Some people followed the instructions very carefully, some disregarded the instructions altogether and used their own imagination to create their masterpiece. And that’s totally okay! Art is supposed to be fun and a way for you to express yourself.

There are several hands-on maker/craft classes coming up at many of our locations over the summer. Another Cookies and Canvas, Family Dot Art, Jewelry Making, Sewing Repair Workshop, Wood Whittling, and Water Color Art just to name a few. Go to the calendar of events at to find a class that interests you.