Building the Library for the future!

03 May Building the Library for the future!

As the main library prepares to move to its temporary location while it is being completely changed into a gorgeous and more user friendly space, I can’t help but think about all the changes that have taken place in it in the past and the memories that go with them in the 38 years that I have lived in La Porte and used and worked in the library. I remember when there were two libraries in the building, La Porte County Library in part of the basement and La Porte Public Library in the rest of the building. Each had their own card catalog. After the libraries merged, in the early 1980’s the new Audiovisual Department moved from the mezzanine into the county library’s former space. In 1983, Adult Services was remodeled and redecorated. Its circulation desk was moved from a side wall to a space close to the Indiana Ave. entrance. The color scheme was burgundy and pink. A major remodeling of the whole building and an addition doubling the amount of space was next. Adult Services moved into its new space in October, 1990 and Children’s Services moved in December, 1990. The meeting rooms were opened to the public in February, 1991. Previously the library had no meeting rooms, just a story hour room. The large meeting room was located where the Audiovisual Department had been. The young adult collection, which had started out on a half shelf that just happened to be open next to the encyclopedias, was now housed in its own room. Next, there were two other small remodelings, including enlarging the Audiovisual Department by taking space from the staff lounge, and other changes in space usage. And lastly, there were some major changes made in space usage just a few years ago, including creating a Computer Lab in the Audiovisual Department space which moved to Adult Services. We all look forward to using the next changes in this library’s space.