Bess Crawford. Nurse. Crime Solver.

08 Aug Bess Crawford. Nurse. Crime Solver.

Bess Crawford is one tough, but polite, cookie. She is a combat nurse, working in war zone Europe during the Great War. In addition to her bravery, intelligence and compassion, Bess is also a crime solver. She is the kind of character this reader wishes was a real person.


The Bess Crawford mystery series by Charles Todd (a mother/son writing duo) is a refreshing take on the historical mystery genre. Bess is smart. She is not seeking out parties and romance in the Great Britain she calls home. There are seven Bess Crawford mysteries with an eighth to be released on August 30th. In The Shattered Tree, Bess treats a soldier who may be a German spy. She must discover his background to find out if he is in fact the enemy.


If you are looking for a smart mystery with some bits of violence, check out the Bess Crawford series from the library. You don’t have to read them in order, though it is recommended.


Bess Crawford Mysteries

  1. A Duty to the Dead
  2. An Impartial Witness
  3. A Bitter Truth
  4. An Unmarked Grave
  5. A Question of Honor
  6. An Unwilling Accomplice

6.5. The Maharani’s Pearls

  1. A Pattern of Lies
  2. The Shattered Tree