Automatic Renewal

26 Mar Automatic Renewal

Did you know that eligible library item you’ve checked out is now automatically renewed? You no longer have to call or come into the library or do it yourself through our website. It’s like magic! If you have items you haven’t returned, they automatically renew at the end of the day they’re due. Now you will have fewer worries about getting your items back on time.

Almost everything is renewable. However, Hot Picks DVDs do not renew because of their popularity. Items with holds on them for other customers do not renew in fairness to the persons waiting for you to return the items to the library.  Also, items that we have received from another library systems by your request do not automatically renew, but you may contact the library to request a renewal.

Remember that the limit for renewals is twice per item. You will receive a notification when your items renew. You may check your account online or by contacting the library when you have questions about your items.